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We truly believe good health is for everyone! At White Birch Clinic, we go the extra mile with that belief. While our medicine is traditional, our approach is scientific. We perform detailed assessments based on time tested principles to reach a diagnosis, which is as unique as you are. Treatment plans follow the diagnosis. Our approach is rooted in ancient healing methods and combined with modern day research and analysis for best results. We don’t just give you the tools to improve your health, we also educate you, so you take the healing outside our clinic, into families and communities.

Our Services

Acupuncture icon


Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine where sterile single use needles serve as magic wands. They balance your Qi and treat conditions. Acupuncture can be helpful to treat a wide range of conditions – from tip of the toes to tip of the nose. A 60-minute acupuncture session can leave you feeling rejuvenated and healed.

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Chinese Medicine

While needles are the tool, herbals are the substance that heal. Chinese herbal medicine has been around for centuries. Its efficacy has been proved for many conditions. Herbs can be from a single ingredient or can be combined in formulations that come together beautifully to treat in the most harmonious manner.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is an approach to health care that focuses on whole patient wellness. Your health goals are treated using the modalities of nutrition & lifestyle counseling, nutraceuticals, botanicals, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy and over the counter medications. Naturopathic Doctors can support all ages with acute and chronic illness, health optimization, and disease prevention.

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Massage Therapy

A regular visit (every 4-6) with your Massage Therapist, for the maintenance of healthy soft tissue and mobility is highly beneficial. Massage therapy is an excellent accompaniment to Acupuncture.

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Yoga is just as much rooted in tradition as TCM. Yin yoga honours Yin – The all-pervading feminine. It is a deep contemplative practice. The poses are meditative with more passive posters and held for longer. This discipline of yoga brings more calm and restoration than any other.

Key benefits of alternative medicine

  • Preventative. Address issues before they turn into a diagnosis.
  • Holistic. Traditional medicine emphasizes whole-body wellness, all parts work together in sync.
  • Mind-body-spirit. Spiritual and emotional health is addressed and is just as important as physical.
  • Safe/Non-invasive. Traditional methods when done by trained practitioners, work in harmony with the body and don’t cause harmful side effect.
  • Root vs. Symptom. We treat the root cause of the condition instead of relieving just the symptom. No band-aid’s.
  • Reduced dependency. Unlike traditional medicine, mainstream medicine often causes dependence on prescription pills.
  • Individualized treatments. Alternative medicine offers treatment plans that are unique to the individual. One hat cannot fit all.

Conditions We Treat at White Birch Clinic

Our Fertility Approach

We provide customized treatment plans based on an individual assessment to support fertility. We bring strong clinical experience in treating infertility by using an integrative approach to alternative medicine.

Holistic Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a spiritual medicine. It is a beautiful combination of engineering behind channels and pathways in the body and the spirit behind organs. How they all play a powerful role to keep mind and body healthy. We treat mind, body and spirit to achieve whole health.

Safe and Non-invasive

We all are born with the ability to heal and reproduce. Acupuncture and Herbal medicine are modalities of Traditional Chinese medicine that address the nuances of infertility safely and effectively. We give you the tools to not just treat infertility but boost your constitutional health.

Training and Experience

We are board certified with years of clinical experience. We embrace advancements of conventional medicine and evidence-based research and combine them with our training of holistic medicine to support you in the best way possible.