Chinese Herbal Medicine

Traditional herbal medicine has been used to treat ailments for centuries. Chinese herbology was formulated and handed down from generation to generation. It has evolved over the centuries (over 5000 years). Usage of herbal medicine is not limited to curing; they are commonly used to nourish organ systems. Today, Chinese herbology has become more mainstream. Its popularity is increasing, and it is being embraced by those who seek natural health alternatives.

Herbs are classified based on their energetic properties, their action on the body, what organ systems they target, and which channels they address. A qualified practitioner understands how the individual herbs work to come together in the most synergistic manner. A TCM herbalist can combine herbs to create a formula based on an individual’s condition. Combining herbs in this way increases the overall benefit of the formula.

Herbals come in various forms. Raw herbs, tea pills, granules, and tinctures are the common ones. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. We carry the highest quality, all-natural, and preservative-free tinctures at our in-house pharmacy.

How Can We Help?

Everyone can benefit from Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine!


Treating Infertility, boosting fertility, pre-conception care – however you put it, Fertility is our jam! We bring years of experience in the fertility space. Our holistic guidance is based on clinical case studies, what works and what doesn’t. We keep up with research, technological advancements to bring you the best of both worlds

Constitutional Health

We treat many conditions like stress, anxiety, insomnia, gut health, hair loss and auto-immune conditions. Good constitutional health comes from good practices. These include balanced diet, moderate lifestyle and holistic treatments as maintenance. Our goal is to find balance between the modern lifestyle and ancient wisdom.

Pain Relief

Why live with pain when you can live without pain?! Acute pain as well as chronic pain responds very well to Acupuncture. With each treatment you will see pain reducing further, returning less often with reduced intensity. Studies have shown great results when using Acupuncture for arthritis pain as well.

The hierarchy of herbs in the Chinese Herbal Medicine formula

The chief herb is the most significant herb in a formulation. It is the most energetic and targeted to directly address the chief concern of the patient present.

The deputy herbs support the chief herb in its actions. They often address the secondary signs and symptoms.

The assistant reinforces the effect of other herbs. They also moderate the harsh properties that other herbs may present.

Envoys harmonize and guide.