Pre-natal & Post-partum Care

Pre-natal & Post-partum Care

Once you have conceived, the goal shifts to sustaining and maintaining a strong, healthy pregnancy.  

TCM can safely support you with preventing miscarriages (under certain scenarios) and treating numerous conditions during and after pregnancy.

Pre-natal & Post-partum Care includes

Miscarriages happen due to genetic abnormalities, poor kidney energy (TCM) or trauma. Those linked to poor kidney energy are often preventable.

The body goes through a lot when adapting to a new pregnancy. Acupuncture reduces symptoms like nausea, morning sickness all while keeping the pregnancy intact.

Very common particularly during the later trimesters as the baby grows. We safely use distal points to unblock channels on the back.

We recommend you start treatment at 37-week mark. Acupuncture encourages the body to progress into labor naturally. Doing so will minimize need for medical induction, make labor process easier and recovery process faster.

There are acupuncture points known to promote lactation. We also give dietary recommendations to stimulate milk production and flow. Needling is never done on the breast.  

PPD is real and more common than you think. Fortunately, TCM has solutions. We move qi, resolve stasis, promote healing and support liver function. Needling also promotes the brain to release ‘happy hormones’.