Fertility Acupuncture

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Getting your body ready for pregnancy doesn’t have to be a stressful and expensive process. White Birch Clinic Fertility protocol boosts your body’s natural power to prepare you for a healthy conception and pregnancy. We work with you in a holistic way to address all your body’s needs. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or using Acupuncture as an adjunct treatment, we boast of success rates over 75%. We are your one-stop shop for reproductive health for men and women. We provide pre-conception care, miscarriage prevention and post-partum support.

Trying to conceive or not, reproductive health is important! We effectively treat PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Hormone and Ovulatory disorders, PME, Low Libido and more.

Stress, Anxiety, Lifestyle, and Nutrition are all important factors when it comes to fertility. We will give you recommendations tailored to your individualized constitution.

Begin your journey of transformation

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Fertility is in Decline 

The way we live our lives has compromised our fertility and diminished our body’s ability to create life. Couples struggling with infertility are left desperate, stressed, and on the hook for expensive and invasive treatments that often create more overwhelm and anxiety.

It does NOT have to be like this. The process of TTC and staying pregnant should be a joyful and harmonious experience. A magical time of your life, when you prepare your body for this amazing process of creating life.

We are experiencing an alarming decline in fertility. In fact, Stats Canada estimates that 1 in every 6 couples in Canada experiences infertility. Not only is this a high rate, but this number also represents double the infertility rate since the 1980s.  

How can White Birch Clinic Help? 

At White Birch Clinic our focus is on your transformation. We target reproductive health while also replenishing your general health. We start by doing an in-depth assessment of where the blocks are.

Acupuncture is the star of the show for our fertility protocol. Backed by science and research, it is a powerful tool for optimal health! We also prescribe Herbal Medicine to boost organs. Each patient goes home empowered with pro-tips on lifestyle changes, food, exercise, and supplements for fertility.

Our approach includes looking at below areas for optimal results:


Clean your diet

Improve your sleep

Optimise Supplements



Quit Smoking

Reduce Alcohol

Manage Stress

Begin your journey of transformation

Improve your chances of conception by contacting us today. 
What’s the difference?

A Holistic approach vs. ART methods

Eastern Medicine

  • Treatments are safe and non-invasive. They work in harmony with the body without causing any harm and duress on the body.
  • No reliance on drugs. Herbal medicine is safe with no side effects, mostly plant-based medicines that gently resolve issues and increase fertility potential.
  • Holistic approach fills the gap left by invasive procedures, with helping to detox, reducing adverse effects of ART treatments. We help you with nutrition, sleep, anxiety, lifestyle – something western fertility clinics fail to address!
  • Treatments are far more affordable. Most insurance plans cover our services.

Western Treatments 

  • Invasive procedures often come with side-effects that are detrimental to your body. 
  • Heavily reliant on drugs (used for follicle growth and ovulation induction), aggressive treatments can cause too much strain on your organs and channels
  • Invasive procedures focus on clinical and medical interventions that fail to address other support areas such as nutrition, mental health, lifestyle, etc. 
  • Treatments are expensive. High financial and emotional costs associated with them. 
our Approach

Our holistic approach

Who you chose to work with will have a significant impact on your outcome!

No matter where you are in your journey, choosing a holistic approach to fertility and wellness will certainly boost your chances of success.

  • No more stress of invasive procedures
  • No more taking abrasive drugs that strain your body and organs
  • No more drug-only interventions

Choose a holistic approach to fertility and begin your journey of transformation.

  • Boost fertility and general health
  • Prepare your body using time-tested methods
  • Increase chances of conception without toxicity and stress

Begin your journey of transformation

Improve your chances of conception by contacting us today. 

What Our Patients Say

Sanjana is the best! I cannot thank her enough for her services throughout my pregnancy journey. The Accupuncture sessions and her knowledge of which herbs can help you conceive is remarkable. If you are having trouble conceiving, look no further. Sanjana has treated me like family, has been very accommodating and alongside her services she makes your pregnancy journey very relaxing. She is the best, and I highly recommend this clinic to everybody.
Neetu Nath
Neetu Nath
Sanjana is a wonderful practitioner. She really listens to all of your symptoms and gives holistic treatment. After 4 sessions my symptoms have improved. Highly recommend!!
Narissa M
Narissa M
After 6 years of infertility and doing some reading about acupuncture I booked my first session on a whim the day of our IVF transfer. I immediately felt so at peace as Sajana was so knowledgeable and caring. I feel she played a huge role in the success of our first IVF transfer and we will be forever grateful to her.
Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson
I had an amazing experience with Sanjana. I decided to try acupuncture after a year of trying to conceive naturally. Sanjana is extremely knowledgeable and was so incredibly positive. She worked in combination with my second IUI procedure and I am so happy to share that I am pregnant after my initial sessions! Sanjana, thank you for all your faith and guidance. I am so grateful to have found you.
Amazing experience at the White Birch Clinic.I follow Dr Laura Meyers for almost 2 years now. She is an amazing naturopath, down to earth, with alots of experience with women's health, fertility, pcos and more...Dr Laura takes the time to listen and find the best procedure for yourself.My appointments are virtual and very easy to book and attend with a prompt respond via email.Thank you for the amazing service.
Marianne L.P
Marianne L.P
My experience with Laura Meyers has been great, Dr. Laura answers all my questions and spends good time explaining everything in detail. I would really recommend Dr. Laura to anyone looking for a naturopath.
Rasholeen Nakra
Rasholeen Nakra
I have had a great experience with Dr. Laura and followed her here to White Birch as well. She is extremely knowledgeable and was able to discuss options for my management of pcos and alternatives compared to regular medicine. I have been fortunate to have met her and been treated by her - she is lovely person and very warm and easy to talk to about your concerns and very easy to reach at all the times! Highly recommend!
Lubna Marjan
Lubna Marjan
I found Sanjana when I was diagnosed with low-lying placenta and told that my only option for delivery was a planned c section. All of my doctors were very pessimistic that the placenta would move so late in the pregnancy. Sanjana provided optimism and hope, which helped me mentally move through the 3rd trimester. We started accupuncture sessions, herbal medicine and moxibustion at 34 weeks when my placental distance from the cervix was only 4mm. By 36 weeks it was 10mm and by 38 weeks we measured at 19mm and I have been approved to trial for labour!! This is the absolute best case outcome and I believe Sanjana's expertise and treatment played a big part in getting us here. I am so glad I found Sanjana!
Dana Doppenberg
Dana Doppenberg
I have been visiting White Birch Clinic for Accupunture from Sanjana Asnani for the past 5 months for my backpain. She is very knowledgeable and professional, with few regular treatments I see the reduction in the pain and currently I am on follow up treatments.The place and ambience is great and enjoy my relaxation time.She is very accomadative, flexible and I highly recommend to visit her clinic to utilize the services.Thanks SanjanaPriya
I found Sanjana at a time when I was feeling absolutely hopeless about my fertility health; having fibroids, endometriosis and adenomyosis. Her assessment was very thorough and I felt heard. It's amazing how hard that is to find. She takes her time and ensures you actually understand what she is talking about. She is so knowledgeable and patient, I wholeheartedly believe in her and TCM. After my first visit I was feeling so much better with all her recommendations; acupuncture and choice of herbs.I would recommend any woman having fertility related issues to go to White Birch Clinic. I know my problem isn't a quick fix but I already feel so much better...So much hope and feeling inspired to get better. Thank you Sanjana! I am so grateful I found you!
K Parris
K Parris
I have been seeing Shilpa Gupta for years and with her Thai Massage (let's call it stretching) she helps me from getting broken and this allows me to enjoy cycling year round as well as work on other strength programs as I get older. Thanks for all the years of help.
Shilpa is my go-to massage therapist. She’s deep, but relaxing and effective, all at the same time! 5 stars X10!!!
Kimberly Nguyen
Kimberly Nguyen
I went to this clinic for pregnancy morning sickness in hopes the acupuncture would help. To my disbelief I left my first appointment feeling better then when I arrived! Sanjana is very knowledgeable and the clinic is a calming and relaxing place. Never thought I would enjoy acupuncture but after a couple sessions my symptoms started resolving. Very grateful for their service and kindness!
Laura Gray
Laura Gray
I started seeing Sanjana for fertility a few months ago. I had difficulty getting pregnant for a number of years and had recurring miscarriages. After 3 months of treatments, I was able to conceive naturally. We continued treatments into the first trimester to support the pregnancy. She also helped me with first trimester nausea.Sanjana’s experience and guidance throughout the process was invaluable. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to women’s health. I always felt I was in good hands. Thank you!
Jodh Kaur
Jodh Kaur
I went for treatment with Sanjana at White Birch Clinic. She is extremely knowledgeable about women's health and hormone imbalance. Her assessment and diagnosis are personalized, demonstrating her expertise and enthusiasm for her work in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Her recommendations on lifestyle and dietary changes were practical and worked well for me. Also, the clinic's entire aura is soothing and the staff is exceptional. Would recommend Sanjana to anyone!
Hina Bhalsod
Hina Bhalsod
My son had an awesome experience at White Birch Clinic. I brought him in for acupuncture sessions with Sanjana and he came out feeling way much better. Sanjana’s professionalism and state of the art clinic is second to none. We will definitely continue to come here!
lorena lopez
lorena lopez
I didn't realize how much PMS symptoms were affecting my life until I started acupuncture and TCM treatments with Sanjana. Prior to seeing her, I would be routinely fatigued, bloated and generally uncomfortable for many days before an expected period. Over a short time, and with regular treatment, Sanjana's holistic approach to treatment (acupuncture, diet, TCM medicine) helped to rid me of all PMS symptoms, while improving my sleep, energy levels and general well being. Most recently, Sanjana helped to rid my body of some lingering symptoms after a COVID-19 infection. Sanjana is a true healer, a life changer and a kind, compassionate soul and the clinic is a beautiful, relaxing place to focus on one's well being.
I was in visiting my son in Mississauga (from Ottawa), and my knee had been very sore for a long time. My son suggested Birch Tree Clinic as he goes there. I was so glad to have taken him up on the offer. Sanjana was very patient, caring and supportive of my condition. She assessed me thoroughly and offered me the opportunity to try acupuncture. She was very careful as to where the needles were inserted, making sure that I was not in discomfort. I was very appreciative of her caring nature. I felt like a bit of a pin cushion, but it really worked for me. I felt a little better after the first session. But by the end of the fourth session my pain was gone. I am so grateful to Sanjana. I'm back in Ottawa now, but but when I go back to Mississauga I will definitely go again to get more treatments for other areas of my body as well. Thank you Sanjana for taking care of my knee. Another thing she did during the assessment was that she gave recommendations on my diet. She said that there was dampness in my body. At first I was skeptical, but when I followed her suggestions that’s when I realized she knew what she was saying. And I felt better as I saw the results. Overall I would recommend you trying out the treatment and find out for yourselves the benefits of TCM.
Habibeh Basaria
Habibeh Basaria
Sanjana is an amazing practitioner and really passionate about her work. Her knowledge is not just limited to the acupuncture. She helped me understand how small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your overall well-being.She is treating me for psoriasis and hormonal imbalance. It’s been only couple of weeks and I already see a huge improvement. I can’t thank her enough!
Apeksha Prashar
Apeksha Prashar
Shilpa and Sanjana both are amazing practitioners. I took my teenage daughter for the first time for massage therapy with Shilpa and she loves it. Shilpa is so nice, made her comfortable and gave her tips for stretching which she really enjoyed. I had my appointment with Sanjana and never had such a detailed intake before. Sanjana is truly passionate about her work and the treatments through acupuncture, and she did educate me on so many natural ways of healing. Thanks to both of you. Keep up the good work!
Rav Bhatia
Rav Bhatia
I have been going to massage therapies for 10 years.. And I have to say SHILPA IS HANDS DOWN THE BEST 🙌 ( I'm not exaggerating)!!! It's the first time I felt that the therapist is actually listening to me and working exactly how I wanted. I felt so relaxed that I literally wanted to take a nap right there lol....... Where has Shilpa been all those years 😊!!!!!!!!
Geetika Sharma
Geetika Sharma
I have been dealing with Migraines for past two years and have tried medications but it keeps coming back. When I started seeing Sanjana, I was amazed at her knowledge of the problem and her treatment protocol have been extremely beneficial to me and have resulted in both temporary and more permanent improvement of my symptoms.
I suffer from chronic pain in my legs for many years now and have had treatments from physios and chiros but the pain always returned after a gap with more intensity. I resorted to acupuncture this time since acupuncture had helped me with my fertility issues in the past. Sanjana listened to me carefully and began the treatment diligently, while explaining to me her diagnosis and her treatment strategy. She never rushes the process. She takes a holistic approach to treatment and advised me to eat a balanced diet supplemented with good quality multivitamins. I felt the improvement in my pain after just two sessions and will continue to seek treatments from her. The clinic is more like a spa unlike other acupuncture /massage places I have been to.
Prabhjeet Kaur
Prabhjeet Kaur

our process

What to expect from your sessions


Free initial consultation 

You are invited to book a free 15-minute phone consult with Sanjana Asnani at White Birch. It’s a chat between yourself and the practitioner to discuss about your concerns and how we can help you with your condition. If all goes well and you decide to come in, here is what the first appointment will look like.


Assessment and first treatment session 

It all starts with an intake session, where the practitioner will ask you questions about your health. Some questions may seem unrelated to your present condition, but they will give the practitioner an insight into what’s going on in the body. At the end of the intake, the practitioner will ask to look at your tongue and feel your pulse. The tongue and pulse are reflective of your organ health. Based on these parameters, the practitioner comes up with your unique diagnosis. They will share with you their findings and give you suggestions regarding food and lifestyle to help with your condition. 
The intake is followed by a treatment session of 30 minutes. Each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to their unique diagnosis. Your practitioner may also suggest herbal medicine to be taken alongside Acupuncture treatments. Herbal medicine is safe, with no side effects and effective at the same time. We will also advise you on the number and frequency of follow-up treatments needed to resolve your condition. 


Follow-up sessions 

You will be returning to our clinic for follow-up treatment sessions. The frequency depends on your individual needs but we aim to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked questions 

An individual`s natural ability to conceive

Inability to conceive after a period of intercourse without contraception. 1 year for women under 35,
6 months for women over 35 

At least 6 months before trying to conceive

Holistic treatments like Acupuncture are covered by most insurance plans. 

Fertility declines rapidly after 40. Our patient base ranges from mid-20’s to mid-40’s. 

Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy come together to support fertility very well 

Acupuncture is the star of the show. It balances, boosts, removes blocks and calms the mind.

Yes, they not only help you conceive but can help sustain pregnancy 

Yes. Pre-conception care is important! By opting for pre-conception care you will improve the outcome 

It depends on every individual’s complexity. We recommend 90 days of pre-conception care at the minimum 

Expect a detailed assessment, followed by treatment. You will also go home with a number of recommendations tailored to your individual diagnosis

Begin your journey of transformation

Improve your chances of conception by contacting us today. 

Sanjana Asnani

In the world of health, every practitioner brings something different to the table. I started on my own personal fertility journey 17 years ago. Back when there were very few fertility clinics and when assisted reproductive technology was not as sound and advanced as it is now. In 2006, I developed sub-health conditions and was diagnosed with endocrine and hormonal disorders. I describe it as ‘chaos’ in my body – there was no harmony.  

That was the turning point for me, and I undertook the challenge to reverse my condition. I understood the reasons behind my poor health, made decisions that were aligned with my instincts, and gave my body the time it needed to restore itself. I not only reversed most of my health conditions, but I am also a proud mom to 3 beautiful children.  

The journey to wellness gave me first-hand experience of healing. The experience of going through the process enables me to understand exactly what my patients are going through. When I started practising TCM over 7 years ago, I knew fully well my focus would be Fertility. 

White Birch Clinic Founding Story

White Birch was an idea for a few years before it became a reality. It is the brainchild of Sanjana. She was a practitioner for several years before starting White Birch. Her vision was to create a healing sanctuary for all with a focus on women’s health.

The number of people that are struggling to find mind-body-spirit wellness is astounding. White Birch was born out of a strong desire to give these people hope.

Sanjana is the creative force behind the beautiful clinic space. The clinic has a minimalistic and organic feel, the textures, lights, and plants come together to create harmony. It was designed to have a calming and therapeutic effect the minute people walked in.

Our Philosophy

One thing that we are proud to say is – We are healers FIRST and entrepreneurs next. White Birch is an avenue for us to reach our full potential as healers. For us, it is nothing less than a mission to help anyone that walks through our doors. 

That philosophy will not go unnoticed when you visit us for a treatment. Our sessions are structured in a way to not rush you, we listen and educate you on your diagnosis, we share with you information that we have acquired through experience and continued education. We talk about nutrition, toxins, lifestyle, supplements and more.  

Our patients take healing into homes, families, and communities – and we couldn’t be more excited.

Begin your journey of transformation

Improve your chances of conception by contacting us today.