Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the assessment and treatment of concerns involving soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, connective tissue). Our moving bodies get us through every step of our busy lives and bodywork helps keep us moving.

Massage Therapy is best used as a tool for maintaining your self-care, in combination with a regular exercise and stretching routine. We recommend a regular visit (every 4-6 weeks) with your Massage Therapist, for the maintenance of healthy soft tissue and mobility.

Your Massage Therapist can help you:

  • Ease pain and reduce inflammation in muscles and joints
  • Promote relaxation and manage stress
  • Learn about your body’s specific tension patterns
  • Help teach you the best exercises and stretches to fit into your busy lifestyle

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is done with a sequence of stretching and movements by your therapist, while you take it easy and enjoy the relaxing effects of a treatment often referred to as “Lazy Yoga”. Your therapist will assess and treat your body while stretching and easing muscle and joint discomfort with Yogic-like movements.

Thai Massage differs from traditional Swedish Massage as clients are on a mat on the floor and fully clothed, ideally in comfortable athletic wear. We work with connecting the breath and movement to passively stretch and release restrictions within your body. A sequence of movements will be uniquely chosen to fit your body’s needs and it can result in a relaxing yet energizing feeling.

The passive stretching of Thai Massage can help anybody with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Limitations with flexibility and mobility
  • Sedentary or hectic busy lifestyles
  • Stress and sleep concerns