Want to learn how Chinese herbs strengthen fertility?

Chinese herbs for fertility with mortar and pestle

Origin of Chinese Herbal Medicine

For centuries the Chinese population has used herbals as their medicine of choice to treat a wide array of health conditions ranging from stroke, digestion, auto-immune disorders, and infertility. The knowledge base of Chinese Herbal Medicine has been handed down over the generations. The data on herbs for fertility has been tested, modified, and documented over time much like contemporary science-based clinical research. 

Chinese herbal pharmacology is huge, comprising of nearly 4000 single herbs. These herbs are combined in unique combinations to make formulas. The classical formulas are time tested and are often used as a base to further customize for a patient making the medicine extremely individualistic. 

How Herbal Medicine and Herbs for Fertility Work?

Chinese Herbal Medicine is based on the principle of treating patterns instead of diseases. A pattern is simply a Chinese medicine diagnosis that is reached by identifying the signs and symptoms the body is presenting. One pattern can be the root of different diseases. Chinese Herbal Medicine does not treat the disease but the pattern instead. For example, the pattern for dysmenorrhea (or period pain) as well as Stress and Anxiety can be the same – Liver Qi stagnation. The pattern can present as dysmenorrhea in one patient and as depression in another.

There can be countless formulas with anywhere from 2 to 20 individual herbs for fertility. Each herb brings synergy to the formula. It increases the effectiveness of the other herbs bringing harmony to the parent formula. One can compare the combinations to work like supplement combinations – for example, calcium absorption and efficacy are improved by taking it with vitamin D/magnesium or Iron is supported with Vitamin C. 

Power of Chinese Herbal Medicine to improve fertility 

Barring structural anomalies, infertility can quite frankly be treated solely and entirely using methods of traditional Chinese medicine – particularly herbs. Herbal Medicine can improve organ function, break masses, detox as well as clear inflammation. Modern-day fertility concerns present with many of those concerns. Some common single herbs that are used widely in some formulas that we frequently prescribe are listed below –

  1. Dang Gui – Invigorates Blood and regulates Menstruation
  2. Gou Qi Zi – Nourishes Liver Blood and Kidney Yin
  3. Da Zao – Boost Spleen and Stomach Qi
  4. Shu Di Huang – Nourishes Kidney Essence and Liver Blood
  5. Bai Shao – Nourishes Blood and supports the Liver.
  6. Huang Qi -Boosts immune function, relieves numbness and pain
  7. Hong Hua – Moves Blood breaks stagnation and masses
  8. Rou Gui – Warms interior and expel cold
  9. Ren Shen – Boosts Yuan Qi, supports Yin and Yang, treats impotence
  10. Yan Hu Suo – Moves Blood, stops pain.

Women’s fertility challenges are often multi-faceted. An individualized formula can usually address multiple concerns at the same time. Fertility-specific herbal formulas are ideally consumed for 3-4 months for best results. Some of the above are great for treating male infertility as well. Improves sperm quality, and treats erectile dysfunction, PME, and more. As always, a licensed practitioner trained in herbal medicine must properly diagnose you before making a suitable recommendation.  

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